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Who Am I And Why Am I Running?

A Born Servant

Are you tired of the same old politicians telling you what you need and what will work for you? All while they’ve never experienced the struggles faced by the true working class. Me too!

I was born and raised in the North St. Louis County area, the son of a now retired police chief and a bookkeeper. My parents taught us to be focused, loyal and honest at all times. My mother has worked for the same employer for over 30 years! We faced countless struggles that many lower to middle class families face. I watched my father work tirelessly two and sometimes three jobs to help support his three children. The work ethic of my parents was passed on to me. After graduating from Jennings High School in 1999 as Valedictorian, I explored the traditional approach of college. Initially I wasn’t prepared for the culture shock and left college to enter the workforce.

Now 20 years later, I have been in the same industry my entire career, working my way up the ladder with hard work and a constant desire to learn more. What began as an hourly job making folders on a fulfillment floor by hand for $7.50 an hour has progressed to Senior Management roles. While working I went back to school full-time and have earned advanced degrees in Business Management.

So I am not a politician (although I did get an A+ on my Political Science Thesis). I am the average working class citizen who has fought hard to make a difference. Government is a non-for-profit business in the end, and those with significant business backgrounds can show great success. More importantly, though, I believe those who have a genuine concern for the average citizen and understands the struggles they face, will show the most success. In Congress, every decision I make and every bill presented will be done while remembering that my own past struggles are the same that many of you face each day. Do we go out for dinner or eat light so we can pay for our prescriptions? Is our job stable? What is the plan if we are injured or become sick? How long can we survive without a paycheck? For me that last answer has almost always been, “I can’t. Each paycheck is critical”. I believe that is the case for the majority of citizens in the 3rd Congressional District as well.

As a Democrat, I stand with the policies of our party, but I focus most on the issues that concern the people like me. The people of the 3rd Congressional District. Let's focus on matters most and not who people love or what they do with their own bodies.

Currently, I live in Warrenton with my husband of 4 years, Jason. We enjoy life with our close family and friends, our Chihuahua (Hillary Rodham Chihuahua) and our Corgi (Foxy). I hope to connect with as many in this district as possible and start to unite and align. Tell me how I can help you!


Vice-Chair of Warren County Democrats

Volunteer Group

Volunteer on Several State and National Campaigns


Contributing Member of Missouri Rural Crisis Center